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I share decades of real-life experiences, good and bad, that have helped me attain success in developing sprinters.

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I share years of knowledge and experience at clinics around the United States and the world.

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Sprinting II: It Takes Guts chronicles how I came to understand the essence of sprinting. I share decades of real-life experiences, good and bad, that have helped me attain success in developing sprinters.
Having attended many track meets as a youngster with my track-coach mom, I developed an interest in sprinting. I was fascinated by the thousands of fans rising to their feet to cheer on the 100-yard dash and 4 x 100-yard relay runners. An interesting note is that I was a collegiate track coach when I began my swimming coaching career. I fell into the trap of training everyone the same—high yardage—believing that speed could come about through endurance training. As you read Sprinting II, you will realize how wrong I was.

With Sprinting II, you get the essentials of my sold-out first book, Sprinting: A Coach’s Challenge, and follow my coaching into the 21st Century. You’ll catch the essence too through the stories I share along with the coaching specifics I have employed to help swimmers achieve Olympic, world- and national-champion status, and to help any swimmer become the best they can. Try my sample dryland and pool workouts and enjoy the success.

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Sam’s Legacy

What makes Sam Freas? I have an unusual background, which gave me a comprehensive view of coaching, life, man’s relationship with God and man’s capabilities to be successful or not. The path is his to choose. As a young man, I chose athletics as an expression of who I was and how good I could become. Unfortunately, I was not interested in school but very interested in athletics. As a youngster, I played football, soccer, basketball, swam, and competed in gymnastics and track and field. The result of this involvement was that I was able to observe coaches and determine what made them great. The answer was simple—winning creates a positive feedback to the psyche of the young person participating in sport. Fortunately, my coaches emphasized hard work, technique, and thinking positively. Thus, all the teams from my early age-group swimming through high school were extremely successful, many times being undefeated. This was mainly because the participants anticipated success rather than failure.

As a college athlete, I participated at the United States Military Academy in soccer, swimming, and water polo at the highest levels of collegiate competition. I was coached by hall-of-fame coaches who always anticipated the best. My coaching psyche was molded by some of the greatest of all time, and I am deeply appreciative of how they looked at life, man’s relationship with each other and God, and what it took to win. Coach Jack Ryan, West Point swim coach; Joe Palone, West Point soccer coach; and Charles E. Silvia, swimming coach at Springfield College, all helped mold my winning attitude.



Customized workouts are available to coaches and individual athletes. Dr. Sprint provides them for a week, a month, or for a season. They are specifically tailored for sprinting, middle distance, distance, and strokes or IM training. Workouts are age specific and written for teams and individual swimmers and for various sectors including clubs, summer clubs, high schools, college teams, and master’s swimmers. Pricing depends on the number of workouts requested and on your needs. ContactSam to discuss your needs.

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I have had the good fortune to share my years of knowledge and experience at clinics around the United States and the world. Helping age-group, high-school, and college swimmers improve is extremely rewarding, as is helping masters swim faster than they had in college. In addition to stroke technique, a staple at all my clinics includes working on areas that improve speed the fastest—starts, turns, and finishes. Many coaches don’t spend enough time on these vital areas.

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